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Mr. Goodwill was born in Franklin , PA on August 13, 1905, the son of Arthur Goodwill and Annie Laurie McDonald Goodwill, who owned a large farm and working oil field just outside Franklin . While there is very little known about his early years, he began his technical career working for the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company in Franklin , moving to Meadville in 1940 when he began working at Talon, Inc. Like many wage earners of that era, he learned his skills on the job, progressing to master journeyman in his specialty of surface grinding. An ardent union man, he was a long-time member of the International Association of Machinists.

In 1926 he married Helena Sutherland who was also raised in the Franklin/Oil City area and ultimately they would give birth to six children – three sons and three daughters as shown here.

Paul rarely took any time for recreation but he was an excellent golfer winning the Talon Tool Room Championship several years and had a dozen trophies of golf matches he won. He also bowled, played softball and billiards with a membership in the Eagles Club.

He attended church regularly with his family as members of the First Presbyterian Church.


A man of immense energy, he always worked two jobs for most of his adult life. His children remember spending many long days in the sun working the family farm on Neason Hill where most of the family resided after moving to Meadville.

After giving up the small dairy and produce farm which provided sustenance for the family, he decided to go into the nursery business raising Christmas trees. Rising at 5AM every day, he would put in a regular shift at Talon, come home and head to the tree farm where he would work until dark. Almost every Saturday was spent at the tree farm and if there was no work to be done on Sunday, he would take some time for recreation.

He was also known to be a strict disciplinarian with his children and you did not even think of being disrespectful to him or his wife. He had an icy stare that put the fear of God in his children and he was not known to spare the rod. While there was nothing unique about Paul during the time he was working – most of the families of that era had similar virtues – he taught his children the value of thrift, taking responsibility for personal actions, diligence and persistence. He believed it was very important to see things that were started through to their conclusion, win, lose or draw.

Paul, shown on the right in this photo with his oldest son Richard, went on to his higher reward on January 6, 1979 at the age of 73, survived by his beloved wife Helena, six children, 17 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren. Ultimately he was responsible for a total clan of 41 souls who can trace their bloodline back to him. Those who knew him personally and those who knew him in name only miss him for the qualities he instilled in his immediate offspring and for those who hopefully will be helped through the scholarships in his name.


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