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In December 1999 the Goodwill Family Memorial Foundation was established as an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization primarily for the purpose of providing scholarships for qualified students of the Crawford County Area Vocational Technical School (CCAVTS).

Bill Goodwill provided initial funding for the Foundation with the intent of raising additional funds from external supporters. A board of directors was established to guide the Foundation comprised of William P. Goodwill, Executive Director; Barbara D. Goodwill, Secretary; Diane Kerr (niece to Mr. Goodwill); and Richard A. Goodwill (eldest son of Paul C. Goodwill).

Board members serve in a volunteer capacity and only legitimate expenses of the Foundation in connection with its day-to-day operations are funded from the Foundation's working capital.

In December of 2000, Bill Goodwill met with CCAVTS to establish a Tool & Die scholarship for needy students in the name of Paul C. Goodwill who was a toolmaker at Talon for 30 years. His family wanted to honor him and his many years of work in the tool and die field and at the same time help worthy students further their technical education.

Working with CCAVTS staff, it was agreed that to qualify for the scholarships, the students had to meet several criteria including:

  • Having attended at least two years at the Vocational-Technical School, with academic concentrations in any of the specialty fields offered by the school
  • Having at least a 3.0 high school Grade Point Average and submitting SAT/ACT scores if the post-secondary school requires them
  • Acceptance to an accredited college or trade-technical school in a major related to the tool and die industry.
  • Personal references, and a Student Aid Report to establish financial need.

A selection committee was formed to make final decisions on the students comprised of school staff and representatives of the Meadville area tool and die industry. It is important to note that no Goodwill family members or any individuals related to the selection committee are eligible for scholarships.

In May of 2001, the first scholarships were awarded and many of the Goodwill family were on hand for the award ceremony held in the auditorium of the Meadville Area Senior High School .

Shown on the left are from left to right: John Rosco, grand nephew of Paul C. Goodwill and a former CCAVTS graduate; Richard A. Goodwill, son and Board Member; Yvonne Kilburn, granddaughter; Daniel Pittner and Krista Miller, scholarship recipients; Bill Goodwill son and Foundation Executive Director; Barbara Goodwill, Foundation Secretary; Diane Kerr, grand daughter and Board Member; Patricia Swartz, daughter; Barbara Lallier, grand daughter; and Joseph Piazza, son-in-law of Paul Goodwill.

In making the awards, Eric McGuirk, Chairman of Student Services said: "We are very pleased to be able to establish these scholarships, because they will help students further their education who might otherwise not be able to continue their advanced training. It is also our hope that these students will come back to Meadville to employ their educational and technical training in our vibrant tool and die industry."


Philosophically, the Goodwill Family Foundation has two important missions: to help young people in the Crawford County further their education, and in doing so, help strengthen the county's economy.

Clearly, there is a need to help the economy that is home to so many families who now or used to work in the tool and die industry which has been adversely affected mostly by foreign competition and cheap labor.

Some may think that rewarding scholarships has little to do with helping a local economy that has been devastated by the loss of industry. However, any progressive corporate CEO recognizes that the most important resource of any successful business enterprise is its human capital. Long gone are the days when young people could get their high school diploma and venture forth into the work world expecting success and rewards. Today, not only is an advanced education required to move forward in life; technical skills are more important as part of a well rounded education.

The Crawford County Area Vocational and Technical School (see their website at) http://www.ccvts.org/ has been training young people via academic classes, workshops and work-study programs in a wide variety of technical skills for more than three decades.

The Goodwill Family Foundation is proud to play a small part in helping to upgrade the skills of tomorrow's technical and skilled workers and in a larger sense, helping to strengthen the County's economy. Accordingly, the Foundation's mission is five-fold:

  1. To award scholarships to needy students who show academic and technical promise so they can further their formal education.
  2. To provide an incentive to the entire student body at CCATVS by rewarding diligence, hard work and academic achievement.
  3. To help develop a highly-skilled workforce in the County, which in turn, will attract industry and help broaden the economic base of Crawford County
  4. To act as an incentive to other affluent CC residents or trade/professional groups such as machine tool associations which may be interested in contributing to the scholarship program.

The rest of the site provides examples of how the Foundation is working to achieve these various objectives and fulfill its mission.


Foundation established to provide scholarship for qualified students of the Crawford County Area
Vocational Technical School (CCAVTS).